14 maggio 2008



Project Open Spime
da renzo358

Da un Idea di Bruce Sterling. Un fantastico gadget per raccogliere dati ambientali e pubblicarli sul web in maniera affidabile (crittata,identificata, geolocata) prodotto a TORINO


We can call it a "Spime," which is a neologism for an imaginary object that is still speculative. A Spime also has a kind of person who makes it and uses it, and that kind of person is somebody called a "Wrangler." At the moment, you are end-using Gizmos. My thesis here, my prophesy to you, is that, pretty soon, you will be wrangling Spimes.

The most important thing to know about Spimes is that they are precisely located in space
and time. They have histories. They are recorded, tracked, inventoried, and always associated with a story.

Spimes have identities, they are protagonists of a documented process.

They are searchable, like Google. You can think of Spimes as being
auto-Googling objects.

Vedi anche articolo di Cory Doctorow

Yotube OpenSpime channel

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Pultroppo wikipedia a deciso di censurare la voce SPIME : Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Spime
un altro grande esempio di cecita' e pecoronismo del tanto vantato "crowdsourcing"

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